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Enterprise brief introduction

Yida electronic was founded in 2008, located in Bazhou, Hebei province, Has been engaged in manufacturing auxiliary equipments for plastic industry.

YIDA euqipments are widely used in UPVC pipes, profiles, sheet, PPR, PE, PERT pipe enterprises as well as wire and cable, rubber injection molding, and other enterprises.

Company history

2008 - Engaged in injet printing, ribbon tape printer’s research and development

2009 – Successfully developed special high resolution pipe inkjet printer. Satisifed majority customters, annual sale more than thousand sets.

2010 - YIDA small character inkjet printer lauch on the market, help factories save cost for imported inkjet printer, also save cost for consumable items and lower down maintenance cost.

2010  -  Established Wenan Yida Machinery Co., Ltd.

2011 - YIDA special drainage pipe automatic packaging and warapping machine lauch on the market and get pipe industry’s recognition.

2013 - YIDA automatic material weighing machine successfully developed and lauch on the market. Widly used in PVC plastic industry, rubber product industry, help factories save cost for labor error of weighing material for formula.

2013 – Established YIDA plastic package film Co., Ltd.

2013 – Established YIDA HEFEI marketing center.

2014 - YIDA no consumables (fiber, carbon dioxide laser printer is developed and launch on the market.

2014 – YIDA dust-free cutter for PVC drainage pipe and electrical conduits is successfully developed and lauch on the market.

2015 - YIDA PE, PERT pipe automatic detection and tamping machine is successfully developed and lauch on the market.

2016 - PE, PPR pipe gravity machine is successfully developed and lauch on the market.

2018 – Established YIDA Ningbo forgien marketing center.

YIDA company and YIDA people always pay high attention in euqipment innovation, and try our best to reduce the production cost for customers.

Thanks to some domestic well-known famous brand’s strong support to YIDA Electronic:

Foshan gu plastic co. LTD

Shantou three ling plastic tubing co., LTD

Guangdong male plastic technology co., LTD

Foshan built plastic pipe co., LTD

Dongguan new bewkes LTD co., LTD

Fujian auspicious dragon plastic co., LTD

Xiamen xin Yida tube plastic industry co., LTD

Zhejiang conde plastic co., LTD

Hangzhou doa plastic technology co., LTD

Changzhou Watson suye co., LTD

Jiangsu peel pipe co., LTD

Jiangsu United States co., LTD

China and the plastic (Wuhu) co., LTD

Lao in Anhui province, the new pipe co., LTD

Anhui Kang Jia plastic co., LTD

Shandong huaxin plastic co., LTD

Shandong although plastic co., LTD

Shandong ocean plastic co., LTD

Shandong teng far  co., LTD

Hebei gu plastic co., LTD

Hebei hongxin plastic co., LTD

Hebei eed plastic co., LTD

Hebei comfort plastic co., LTD

Henan conde plastic technology co., LTD

Henan northwest lianxin co., LTD

Hubei ocean plastic technology co., LTD

Hubei YiHua suye co., LTD

Sichuan conde plastic technology group co., LTD

Sichuan multigang industrial co., LTD

Yibin day co., LTD

Susquehanna suye co., LTD

Gansu provinceShenyang 9 industrial co., LTD

Shenyang peace industrial co., LTD

Fuxin beauty industry &trade co., LTD

Liaoning conde plastic co., LTD